July 2010 Home Sales Lake Sunapee Region

This has got to be one of the crazyest heat waves I have ever seen here in New Hampshire! Definitely not our typical weather, but if you are able to escape on Lake Sunapee I hope you are able to see some of the amazing sunsets that happen on the Lake like this one below.

Sales are down 34.7% this month which is the first time since March that there has been a decrease. There has been an increase in activity both in properties under agreement compared to last month and showings. At the moment there are 98 homes for sale in New London which is the highest I have seen it in a long time.  One of the more active markets in our area seems to be the under $300,000 market in New London. Properties that don’t need a ton of work and have a decent layout seem to be turning over in short fashion. If you feel your property meets this criteria, definitely don’t hesitate to give me call 603-252-6428.

Another market that is becoming increasingly active is waterfront property on Lake Sunapee. So far there have been 12 sales on the lake and two properties are currently under agreement.  Last year there were only 16 sales on Lake Sunapee so chances are good that we’ll surpass last years numbers. Prices on the lake are fantastic and I think this increase in activity is due to people finally realizing the opportunity that is there. Currently there are 52 properties for sale on Lake Sunapee.

This is one of the best weekends to be in our area so if you have time, swing by Main Street New London for the 86th Annual Hospital Days to enjoy music, midway, Family Fun Night, pancake breakfast, paradeMarket on the Green, and the Hospital Day Triathlon. For more information please click on the following link http://newlondonhospital.org/events/hospital_days/index.php

    38 homes went under agreement in the Lake Sunapee Region this past July

Grantham NH

  • $170,000- 14 Bright Slope Way, Grantham NH
  • $187,000- 64 High Pond Rd, Grantham NH

Lempster NH

  • $150,000- 69 Stage Rd, Lempster NH

New London NH

  • $310,000- 6 Cricenti Lane, Fenwood, New London NH
  • $385,500- 28 Lamson Lane, New London NH

Newbury NH

  • $135,000- 31 Hilltop Drive, Newbury NH
  • $404,000- 80, 82, 84 Lakewood Manor Rd, Newbury NH

Newport NH

  • $97,000- 140 South Main St, Newport NH
  • $120,300- 3 Sandy Lane, Newport NH
  • $172,000- 74 Alexander Avenue, Newport NH
  • $177,000- 1 Spruce St, Newport NH

Sunapee NH

  • $63,830- 616 Route 103, Sunapee NH
  • $282,100- 286 Nutting Rd, Sunapee NH
  • $375,000- 61 Lake Avenue, Sunapee NH
  • $850,000- 78 Waterlot Rd, Sunapee NH
  • $862,000- 458 Jobs Creek Rd, Sunapee NH

Sutton NH

  • $340,000- 54 Cotton Rd, Sutton NH
  • $460,000- 58 Rowell Hill Rd, Sutton NH

Unity NH

  • $196,000- 337 Lear Hill Rd, Unity NH

Warner NH

  • $95,000- 770 Route 103, Warner NH
  • $145,000- 288 Kearsarge Mountain Rd, Warner NH
  • $170,000- 150 Parade Ground Cemetery Rd, Warner NH
  • $260,000- 6 Collins, Warner NH
  • $400,000- 177 – 178 Burnt Hill Rd, Warner NH
  • $567,500- 4 Bean Rd, Warner NH

Washington NH

  • $30,000- 707 Valley Rd, Washington NH
  • $47,900- 1238 Valley Rd, Washington NH
  • $80,000- 76 Ashuelot Acre Rd, Washington NH
  • $134,000-2146 East Washington Rd, Washington NH
  • $205,000- 476 Dole School House Rd, Washington NH

There were no sales in July for the following towns:

  • Andover NH, Bradford NH, Croydon NH, Goshen NH, Springfield NH, Wilmot NH
*All data used is from NNEREN MLS and is subject to Human Error : )

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